Hello , I am  Kristian Conde and I want to thank  you  visiting my website.

My first contact with the stage was with six years old , linking with my father the showbizz world . I remember very intense evenings as a child in night clubs like  The Crazy Horse in  Paris  frequented by artists like Ava Gardner , Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin .

Cause  to the creative influence of my environment , I decided to go to the professional life in the music business at the age of fifteen, with my first group of Folk, called “Roots”.

At that time i was influenced by bands like “America” , James Taylor ,or “ Crosby, Still & Nash”.

At 17 I discovered the nightlive, “ clubbing” stylife . All this culture of specialized clubs in dance music made ​​a great impression to me  . High Energy American sound in  artists like Bobby Orlando, Divine or Sylvester, caused in me a great impact . Europe also i had his alter ego ;” Italo Disco “music, served as a way for my first production success : “Dolce Vita” , which carried out with producer Jordi Cubino  (Ricky Martin , Leona Lewis, Pablo Alboran or Alejandro Sanz  projects also) and Alex Soler (producer from Operation Triunfo ), which i became a HIT not only nationally , but internationally , going to  the top of several  dance charts.

I alternated my musical  career with my professional fashion bussines , carrying out work for mythic spanish  agency “Stars”, with which I stepped events as well known as the Pasarela Cibeles, The Catwalk Barcelona Fashion Week and also signed advertising campaigns for brands and magazines like l Uomo Vogue or Metropolis. Anecdotally , I must add that I worked with footballer  Maradona for a TV commercial for Coca – Cola.

Later I was hired by the French multinational  record company Warner Bros and go to live in Paris to deal with the production of a new single called “City Lights” . At that time , I come in direct contact with bands and artists such as Duran Duran, Prince or Grace Jones , with whom I lived personal and professional experiences that influenced me a lot.

Upon returning to Spain , I organized a tour with the artist Elisabeth De Viana ‘s niece Victoria de los Angeles. The concept was very organic , with drums, guitar , bass and audio visual added that included dancers and choreography, worked every night the show chords . With this tour , we were in all  Grand Casinos in Spain during the  90s .

Into the twentiethone century still I do perfomances  , recording and editing cds, discs as vinyls. Without realizing it , we enter to the  digital era . From that moment the scope of my work transcends international level and draws attention to various producers and artists from my style and many of them contact me to propose joint productions . In these partnerships the opportunity to work with major international music labels Italo Disco, Dance and electronics, such as ZYX (Germany ) , Flashback Record ( Finland) , Rhythm and Beats Records ( Los Angeles) or Kc Records ( Spain ) comes with that I made several recordings.

This situation creates several international tours in countries like Germany, Poland , Russia, Mexico , United States , etc.

Lately I reorganized my goals within the world of music and also give an edgier touch my creative conception . The result of all this, there arises a series of songs that grouped under the concept album entitled “Oblivion ” . The result is my most international album and a new boost to my career since an equally professionalized perspective, but more adapted to the digital age .

Signing forrecord company Kc Records internationally in partnership with the Spanish seal Crazy Records, it makes my job is available in both physical and digital and vinyl , for the whole world .


So enjoy with  my music, welcome to my world!!